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Custom made stained glass artworks

In stained glass the range of prices can vary considerably. Without getting too detailed the major factors in determining the cost are the intricacy of the design and whether or not it has painting or other additions.

Should you choose to use my services I will always keep you fully informed about the effect anything you want will have on the overall cost and if you have a fixed budget I will do my absolute best not to exceed it.

The base rate ranges from £80-£100 per square foot. This includes the actual cost of the materials, (between £5-£9 per glass sheet) solder etc – plus overheads. Typical times are between 2-4weeks. Please check with me. There would be an installation fee if your stained glass is a panel to be fitted in a door or window.

I also undertake repair work for a broken piece.

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2023 beginners stained glass workshops
stained glass workshop starting at just £40

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